About the Band

With a cast of Bluegrass greats that have been featured on stages such as “The Grand Ole Opry”, “The MAC”, IBMA and many others, I am proud to introduce “Driftwood”.

Originally founded in 2002 as “Wayne Fields and Driftwood”, the band “Driftwood” brings a special feel and energy to the venues they play. Depending on the venue, you can expect to hear original bluegrass songs, a new twist on some traditional bluegrass songs, original gospel and gospel classics, or original acoustic songs and a unique twist on some country classics.


Scotty Fields is the lead singer, guitar player and writer on several of “Driftwood’s” songs. Both he and his brother, Charles Fields, are founding members of the band. Tina Fields, the bass player on the more acoustic-type performances is a founding member as well. Terry Wolfe – banjo and baritone vocals, and Danny Barnes – mandolin and tenor vocals are in the lineup when “Driftwood” performs bluegrass material. On lead guitar, Richard Bennett helps complete the acoustic sound of the band for acoustic and country set lists.

This combination of musicians all shares a common love for performance and entertainment. Music is their passion and they make it a goal to connect with their audiences. Charlie Sizemore, a bluegrass superstar, gave “Driftwood” a good review for their new CD “Stronger Every Day” and “Driftwood” is guaranteed to bring 100% to the stage at every venue they perform at.